Agent-Based & Hybrid Modeling for Health & Health Care Hackathon

Registration Cost and Link

This hackathon will provide participant wrap-around assistance in conceptualizing, building, exploring, and debugging models addressing their particular research or practitioner interests and vision.  To do so, this event will leverage the extensive experience of the instructor and teams of teaching assistants, who will provide ongoing advice, guidance, tips and hands-on assistance to attendees, allowing delivery of more evolved models capable of contributing substantive health insights.  Attendees for this event can either attend this hackathon as a stand-alone event or stay on from the bootcamp & incubator the previous week (thereby building on their learning from that event and continuing on any model substantively started in the incubator portion of that event).  

Attendance to the hackathon is constrained by the availability of TA teams — please reserve early to ensure a spot.

Registration Cost

$2,000.00 (plus GST) – per project

Registration Link: