Bootcamp on Understanding, Using, and Contributing to Models for Health Science Researchers & Practitioners & Team Members

Registration Cost and Link

This bootcamp seeks to support health scientists and practitioners engaging with mathematical & (dynamic) simulation models or on modeling teams in understanding, critiquing, drawing insight from, using and running, managing, and supporting such models, using familiar language and concepts.  The bootcamp is aimed at those seeking to be informed dynamic model consumers, those supervising modeling projects, and aiming to serve as effective modeling team members, such as by understanding and shaping model assumptions, providing data for model parameterization or calibration, interpreting model output, interfacing the model with data emerging from biostatistical, epidemiological or machine learning approaches, etc.  

Registration Cost

$100.00 (plus GST) – Students

$500.00 (plus GST) – Online Attendees

$1,000.00 (plus GST) – In Person Attendees

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